On-going Innovation & Improvements


We are afraid of the future. We don’t settle for the present.

In Mewahtrans we constantly seek improvements and the most effective ways of doing things. We constantly seek optimization no matter is operational or customer experience. We hope not only to improve our own company but also the industry.

Mewahtrans Internal System

When Mewahtrans just started, we used excel with formula. We then think it is too slow of a process and we think a system in place would cut down a lot of unnecessary job.

In search of a system that would suit, we found out that the market doesn’t have system that have a good user experience as well as design.

So we have used 3 months to developed our very own system.

This system allows management to have a bid eye view of the statistic and make management decision without needing to wait for the next month. Managing drivers and equipment is now a breeze too as 50% of the workload has been done by the system.

We are not done with the system, there are more updates and improvement to be done over time. stay tuned!

CRM System

We understand the frustration without being able to know what is the current status of the order.

We understand expectation and forward planning is important, that is why we create a customer portal for our customer.

Now you can have the transparency to track your movement whenever you need it. Besides, you can also create your booking and file a quotation mobilely. We also provide a customer dashboard to analyze the KPIs needed to keep improving.

Contact Us for hustle free one stop logistic and shipping services

Contact Us for hustle free one stop logistic and shipping services